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First Aid Services

Our mission at Integral swimming is to offer quality training programs.

*The First Aid programs we offer are Provincial workplace approved certifications. These certifications can be transferred interprovincially.


We specialize in offering:

*Lifesaving Society Emergency and Intermediate First Aid

*Lifesaving Society Basic Life Support (BLS otherwise known as HCP)

 *Lifesaving Society Aquatic Emergency Care 

*Lifesaving Society Oxygen Administration (o2)

*Lifesaving Society CPR A and C

*Lifesaving Society Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross

*All levels of Lifesaving Society National Lifeguard training

(Pool, Waterpark, Waterfront, Surf)

*Lifesaving Society swim Instruction

*Lifesaving Society Instructor courses: Swim Instructor, Lifesaving Instructor

A) Swim Instructors teach all levels of swim instruction

B) Lifesaving Instructors teach the Bronze level courses

*Private swim instruction from Integral Swimming learn to swim programs

Our swim program is built to offer customized lessons to every level of development.

At Integral Swimming we have our own unique swim program designed from many years of experience gained from the Canadian Red Cross swim program, the Lifesaving Society swim program and the YMCA swim program. Our unique approach to step by step and level by level progressions delivers satisfaction to our students. Our training programs are complete with organizational certification.

*We also offer swim coaching with certified Coaching Association of Canada Registered Professional Coaches.

Our goal is to provide quality courses and a friendly, comfortable learning environment. We focus on empowering people by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help build self control and self confidence.


Through respect, perseverance and motivation students take their beginning steps toward mastering techniques at all levels of learning.

Courses We Offer

First Aid Certification

*Lifesaving Society Intermediate First Aid

is workplace approved in Alberta and British Columbia; recognized OFA 1 equivalent.

Intermediate First Aid provides comprehensive training covering all aspects of first aid and CPR. This course is for those who want an in-depth understanding of first aid such as: medical/legal aspects, spinal injuries, environmental injuries, bone and joint injuries, abdominal and chest injuries, burns, and medical emergencies. Includes CPR-C and AED certification.

*Lifesaving Society Basic First Aid

Basic First Aid is for people to gain a general knowledge of first aid principles and the emergency treatment of injuries. Skills include: casualty assessment, CPR, AED, choking, external bleeding, heart attack, and stroke. Includes CPR-C and AED certification.

CPR Training


for those interested in the cardio pulmonary resuscitation geared toward adult patients.


for those interested in the cardio pulmunary resuscitation geared toward adults, children and infants.

*AED (Automated External Defibrillation) certification.

Basic Life Support (BLS/HCP)

*Basic Life Support training provides an understanding of:

  • Chain of Survival

  • 1-rescuer and 2-rescuer CPR

  • High-quality chest compressions

  • Multi-rescuer CPR

  • Adult, Child and Infant CPR, airway obstructions

  • AED (Automated external defibrillator)

  • Effective ventilations using a barrier device and bag-mask device

Aquatic Emergency Care

*Aquatic Emergency Care

includes all the Intermediate First Aid course skills along with aquatic related head neck and spine related first aid skills and techniques.

02 (oxygen) Admin, Airway management

*Airway management and Oxygen Administration

Participants learn how to recognize situations where it's necessary to deliver oxygen to patients. The course certifies participants to use oxygen to assist their patients during first aid situations.

Swimming lessons

*Integral Swimming swim program

*Lifesaving Society swim program

Instructor Development

*Swim Instructor Course

Swim Instructors are responsible for teaching and evaluating candidates participating in the Swim for Life and Canadian Swim Patrol programs.

*Lifesaving Instructor Course

Lifesaving Instructors are responsible for teaching and evaluating candidates participating in the Canadian Swim Patrol, Bronze Medals, Distinction, Boat Rescue and Lifesaving Society CPR programs.

Swim Coaching

*National Coaching Certification Program educated Professional staff.

*Coaching Association of Canada designated Coaching staff.

To learn more about the courses we offer please contact us by phone, email, text.

Connect with us

201 2nd street NE

Slave Lake, Alberta


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